Regardless if one, or one thousand files are uploaded, you only want to trigger one zap which is exactly what happens with the File Upload Zap.

File vs File(s) Zap

There are 2 different types of zaps you can choose from for uploaded files. The first one, File, only sends you information that an upload was made, tells you how many files were uploaded, and who initiated the upload.

The File(s) zap create a zap for each file uploaded and lists out the names of each individual file that was uploaded. In addition to file names you can use the name of the uploader, the project name, and when the upload occurred.

  • Number of files uploaded

  • First Name of Uploader

  • Last name of Uploader

  • Project Files were uploaded to

  • Timestamp of when the upload occurred

The zap for File Uploaded will only trigger once all the files have been uploaded and processed and is not dependent upon individual file progress.


In order to ensure the automation works make sure you have the “File Uploaded” integration turned on in your HitSend project settings. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can learn here.

Once your upload has finished here are some ideas you can hook into your Zapier account to streamline your workflow.

  • Receive a Slack notification that a new upload occurred

  • Make a backup folder in your Google Drive account

  • Schedule time in your Google Calendar to see what files were uploaded

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