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HitSend Integrated Paywall
HitSend Integrated Paywall

What is the HitSend Paywall and how to use it

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With the HitSend integrated Paywall you can protect your work and stop being a bill collector by preventing client downloads until you get paid.

The HitSend paywall gives you the flexibility to bill your way, as you can choose to collect a Deposit payment that is due before starting the project, an Approval Payment that must be paid to approve the project. You can decide on a project by project basis which options and payment process to use to adapt and meet the needs of every client.

Do I Have to Use the Integrated Paywall?

No, you can still restrict downloads even without having any payment required from the HitSend Paywall. Simply restrict downloads, and then once you have received payment you can manually enable downloads.

General Invoice

General invoices allow you to add on extra expenses such as additional edits, or tracking time that was not in the original Deposit or Approval amounts. General invoices are not apart of the approval system, and as such clients can approve a project without paying a general invoice.


Link users cannot see or access General invoices, as they are only available to Project Members currently.

Who can make payments?

You have the power to decide who can make payments for each project, and whether or not clients have to have paid their entire balance in order to download files.

Project Members added with the Client Role can make payments on any invoices you setup for the project, and can approve projects as well.

The approvals option in the Playlist Link dialog determines whether or not Playlist Link users can make payments. If toggled off, link users will not be able to approve projects or make a Deposit or Approval payment.

Download Permission Types

No Downloads

If the status is set to “No Downloads”, then even after the project is approved and paid for downloads will not be allowed.

Workflow Tip

If you put a limiter on your mixes for clients to preview, disabling downloads is a great way to make sure your client doesn’t take a limited mix to a mastering engineer that doesn’t have any headroom. Once the project is approved, you can take down the limited mixes and make sure the clients get the correct files.

Download After Approval

If you want to make sure clients pay before getting their files this is the best option because as soon as the Final Payment clears (usually 1-2 seconds) then downloads are automatically enabled without you having to manually flip the switch.

Download Files

If you’re working with people you trust you can allow downloads at any point. This will ignore the paywall status and allow downloads at any time.

If you are using the paywall and the project link with clients, make sure the “Allow Approval” option is turned on or link users will not be able to access the paywall.

Workflow Tip

If you’re working with a band, disable downloads, approval and commenting on the project link and then add the point person as a Client to the project. This way you only have one person giving you feedback.

Approving Projects

If you have added a Deposit or Approval amount, it must all be paid in full before a project can approved. If a project requires an Approval Payment, the project will automatically be approved upon funds clearing.

If a project does not require an Approval payment, clients and link users (if permitted) can approve the project by clicking on the Approve Project in the upper right of the project screen on desktop, or by selecting the green icon in the bottom right of the screen on mobile devices. This will bring up a dialog box asking to confirm they want to Approve the project, and once they confirm the project will be approved and you will be notified.

Making a Payment

When a client is ready to make a payment, they will be presented with the different payment process that are available to them which will vary based on the options you have enabled and on their location.

If the client is making an Approval payment, funds clearing will also serve as a form of approval. This typically takes a few seconds to complete, but is subject to vary based on the chosen payment processor.


We at HitSend DO NOT take any additional cut if you use the Integrated Paywall. *Standard processing rates still apply, please refer to each payment processor for their individual rate.

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