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HitSend Referral and Promo programs
HitSend Referral and Promo programs

How to refer new users for credit towards your account, and enter promotional codes

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Where to enter a Referral or Promo code

You must enter the referral code when creating a new HitSend account by adding the code to the "add code" input on the right hand side of the screen (shown below).

On mobile, select the shopping cart icon on the top right of the screen, and then find the "+ add code input on the dropdown to enter your code (shown below).

Once the code is applied successfully, you will see a discount towards the total amount due after the trial.

HitSend Referral Program

Once you've finished your 14 day free trial and are officially a Pro HitSend member you will be given a referral code that you can share with new HitSend members.

The referral code can be found in your Settings under the Billing tab.


The "Send an invite now!" button on the right hand side will only appear if you are using your native browser (Safari for Mac and iOS, Chrome for Windows and Android).

Your rewards

When you share your referral code with a new HitSend member and they become a paying Pro Member, you will receive a credit of $20 towards your next invoice. Your referral code can be used any number of times meaning along with your total reward as there is no cap.

If you earn more than your next invoice in a particular month or year, the remaining credit will be carried over and applied towards the following invoice.

Benefit for new signups

New Pro HitSend members will also receive $20 towards their HitSend account for their next invoice.

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