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Project Customers and Groups
Project Customers and Groups

Organize your projects into sub categories

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With Project Customers and Groups you can organize your projects into sub categories to make it easier to locate different projects.

Customers vs Groups

Customers allow you to add additional details to the container including phone, email, and any notes for your own records. Groups on the other hand are a simplified version with only a name.

Creating a Customer/Group

To create a Customer or Group, click the plus button on the right side of the Active or Archived Header, and select your option.

Once the menu appears you must enter a name, and then can add additional information to customers if you wish.

Lastly, you need to select where the Customer/Group will appear in your project list. If you select Active, then the Customer/Group will only appear on your Active Project list, and if Archived is selected the Customer/Group will only appear in your Archived area.

If the both option is selected then the Customer/Group will be available in both sections, and you can add projects to their respective container. Additionally, if you drag an Active Project that was contained within a Customer/Group, upon being archived it will be added to the Archived Customer/Group section automatically.

Moving Projects to and from a Customer/Group

To add a project to a Customer/Group, click and hold the projects, and then drag it to Customer/Group of your choice.

To move a project out of a customer/group click and hold on the project dragging it onto of any projects that are not apart of a Customer/Group, or if there are no projects uncategorized, the designated drop zone.


Currently this can only be done on a desktop device and is not supported on a mobile device.

It is a known issue that dragging a project to a group does not always trigger, and we are working to improve the reliability

Q: If I change a Group/Customer from Active to Archived will all the projects within become archived or vice versa?

A: No, the projects that were originally located within the Group/Customer will become uncategorized and will not automatically become archived/unarchived.

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