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Share and receive assets to improve your workflow

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If you wish to share specific audio files or assets, or need to receive specific assets such as tuned vocals or a different track version Share Folders are the perfect option for you.

Creating and Sharing a Folder Link

The first step is to create a link for any folder that you have, so start by going to the share menu by selecting the folder you wish to share and select the More menu, then the first option "Share" or on desktop use the key command B.

This will open a dialog window for the folder, and on the bottom left of the dialog window there is a button labeled "Create Link". Click this to generate a link for the folder that you can use to share.

Once created, you can share a link by copying it to your clipboard using the button in the bottom left of the dialog window labeled "Copy Link", or by sending the link directly to an email address.

You can change the name of the link, which will affect the display name for notificatoins.

For security reasons you can disable or regenerate a folder link, along with added a password, plus you can restrict link users access even further by requiring them to enter a valid email address you've added through email sharing.

Lastly, you can choose upload and download permissions for the Folders Share users. as well as an expiration date that will render the link inactive past your set date.


You must save any changes you make to permissions in order for them to take effect.

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