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Supported File Formats
Supported File Formats

What types of file formats does HitSend support?

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HitSend does not restrict any file types upon upload to a project. At this time however, there is no integrated video player, image viewer, or text viewer to preview files within the HitSend platform itself.

Google Documents

If you import a Google Document or Sheet to a HitSend project, the standard Google restrictions apply for editing permissions. To learn more about managing permissions for your Google Document please reference this article.

Q: Can I compress files on the HitSend platform?

A: Anytime you download a file, it will be zipped so you do not need to zip any files in the HitSend Platform as it will be done for you.

Q: Can I unzip a file on the HitSend platform

A: Currently, no you cannot unzip a compressed file or folder once uploaded to the HitSend platform

For a list of audio formats that are supported and can be listened to in the player screen see our article on Supported Audio Formats

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