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Importing Files from Google Drive
Importing Files from Google Drive

Bring in files to HitSend from your Google Drive

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In order to bring in files you must first have connected a Google account to HitSend and will see a snackbar at the top of your screen informing you that an account is not linked. If you wish to link a Google account follow these instructions on how to link your Google Account.

To import files from your Google Drive, select the New + Button in the upper right side of your screen on desktop, or the purple + fab on the bottom right on a mobile device.

Once the dropdown menu has opened, go down the the bottom option labeled "more" and then select "Import from Google Drive".

NEW + > More > Import from Google Drive

After selecting the import option, the Google Picker will open and you can select the file or files you wish to bring into the HitSend project.


You cannot select folders in the Google Drive picker, only individual files and documents.

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