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Import files from Dropbox
Import files from Dropbox

Bring in files from Dropbox to your HitSend projects

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To directly import files from your Dropbox account into a HitSend project, start by selecting the “NEW +” button in the top left of your screen on desktop, or the purple + button in the bottom left of your screen on a mobile device. From the menu that appears that appears select “More” and then choose “Import from Dropbox”.

Import files from Dropbox to HitSend

When you click on the “Import from Dropbox” option a separate dialogue window will open. If you haven’t linked your Dropbox account yet. You will be required to sign into your account, but you do have the option to leave the "Remember me" box checked when signing in so you can skip this step in the future.

Sign into Dropbox from HitSend

Once you have logged into your Dropbox account, or if you were already logged in with your current browsing session you will be presented with your files in your Dropbox account.

Select the files/folders you wish to import into HitSend, and then select “Choose” which will initiate the import process.

Select files to be imported from Dropbox to HitSend

A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen showing the status for the import and how much is left once you have selected your files


Your Dropbox files will not be deleted from your account, as a copy of the file will be created moved into your HitSend account.

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