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Linking a Stripe Account to HitSend
Linking a Stripe Account to HitSend

How to link your Stripe account to HitSend for accepting payments

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One of the payment options you have available to you for accepting payments with HitSend is Stripe. In order to link a Stripe account, you first need to have an active account, which if you do not yet have one you can follow this link to setup your Stripe account.

Link your Stripe account

To link your Stripe account, you must go to your settings page and select the bottom tab labeled "Invoicing". From there you will have several options, one of which is Stripe.

Settings > Invoicing > Stripe

Click on the button that says "Connect Account" to begin. This will redirect you to a Stripe sign-in page where you will start by entering your account login.

Once you have entered your login information, you will asked to confirm your login with two-factor authentication (if enabled in Stripe) with a secure code. This is to help prevent anyone from accepting payments on your behalf.

Once you have confirmed your login, you will have the ability to continue with a current business if you have one setup, or to create a new business. Your business details will appear on any payments run through Stripe.

After you have decided on your business information, you will be asked to setup or confirm your customer service information.


This information is all held within Stripe and is not accessible to HitSend.

Finally you will be asked to confirm your information. If there are any errors, you will be alerted in this step and asked to fix the details before proceeding.

If everything is correct, you will be redirected to HitSend and your account will be automatically linked. You will be able to see the account that is linked in your HitSend settings, and have the option to disconnect your Stripe account from HitSend at any time.

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