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Deposit, Approval, and General Invoices
Deposit, Approval, and General Invoices

The different types of internal invoices in HitSend

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There are 3 different types of internal invoices that you can create in a HitSend project, each with a specific purpose to help streamline your workflow.

Each invoice can be used independently, meaning you can setup a Deposit invoice where you take payment for the entire project up front, split the payment into a Deposit Invoice and an Approval Invoice, make the entire balance due when Approving the project, or use General invoices to create a payment plan over time.

Deposit Invoice

The Deposit Invoice is used to collect payment before starting a project, and this can be turned on/off in the Project Settings. If there is a Deposit Invoice, it must be paid before the Project can be approved, or before you can make a payment against an active Approval Invoice.

The Approval invoice can be paid by any Project Member added as a Client, or by Playlist Link users if Approvals is allowed.

You can also require the Deposit invoice to be paid before link users can access the player screen by enabling the Upfront Payment option in the Project Settings.

Approval Invoice

The Approval Invoice ensures you get paid before files are released, and is triggered as part of the Approval Process. The Approval Invoice can be turned on in the Project Settings when setting up the project, or turned on later as long as the project has not been approved yet.

The Approval invoice can be paid by any Project Member added as a Client, or by Playlist Link users if Approvals is allowed.

If a payment has been made against an Approval Invoice, it cannot be turned off as it has already been processed.

General Invoice

General invoices are independent of the Paywall and approval process, and are intended for additional expenses such as extra tracking time, additional edits and so on. Because General Invoices are not apart of the Approval process the project can be approved without a general invoice being paid, but general invoices can also be created after an approval invoice has been fulfilled, and there is no limit to how many you can create within a project. Lastly, General Invoices can only be seen and accessed by Project Members with the Client role, and can be accessed in the Project screen.

To create a General Invoice, select the purple "NEW + " in the top left of your screen on desktop, or the Purple + fab on a mobile device and then select "Invoice". This will add a new invoice to the current project you have selected.

Once a General Invoice is created, you can select the card amongst your project items at the top of the page and continue to create a detailed invoice the same way you would with a Deposit or Approval invoice.


Q: Do I have to use the integrated invoicing when using HitSend?

A: No, this is your project and you can run it however you see fit.

Q: Does HitSend take a cut of the total amount?

A: No, its your hard earned money and you deserve to get paid. Standard payment fees do apply based on which payment processor you use, as unfortunately those are unavoidable.

Q: What currencies can I use for my invoice?

A: This depends on which payment processor you choose when setting up your invoice, as PayPal supports multiple currencies, while Venmo only supports USD.

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