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Setting up and using the Playlist Link

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Every project has its own unique Playlist Link that can be shared with clients to let them preview your work and gather feedback.

Link users do not need a HitSend account to access the Playlist Link, and it can be used on any device that has internet access. When someone access the link they will be asked for their name (if comments are enabled) and a password (if enabled).

Access the Playlist Link

To access the playlist, click on the link icon in the upper right part of your screen. This will open the Playlist Link dialog where you can edit permissions, reset the link, or restrict the link with a password.

Sharing the Playlist Link

Copy the Project Review Link to share with clients by clicking the "Copy Link" button. This will automatically copy it to your clipboard and you can paste it into an email, text, or any other means of communication.

Additionally, you can use the key command Shift + Alt + L to copy the link to your clipboard from the project screen.

Reset the Playlist Link

If you need to reset the project link due to a security breach, you can do so by clicking on the Green button labeled "Active". This will give you the option to deactivate the link, which simply makes it go dormant and allows you to resume access to the original link.

Additionally, you can create an entirely new Playlist Link. If you regenerate the link, anyone who had the old link will not be able to access the project.

Password Protected

If you want to prevent anyone from being able to access the link you can enable the password protection by entering a password and toggling on the switch. The password can be disabled and will not work even if you have entered a password unless you toggle turn the Password Toggle on (enabled).


Restrict or allow the ability of link users to approve projects and make payments with the toggle switch. If turned on anyone using the Playlist Link have access to the “Approve Project” Button, and will be able to make a Deposit or Approval payment for the project.


Turning comments off will hide the comments section from link users as well as restricting them from leaving any feedback.


If commenting is disabled, link users will still be asked to input their name for logging purposes so you know who is accessing the link.


Link users can also download individual files or the the Project Deliverable package (if allowed) but cannot upload any files, manage, or delete files.

There are 3 different options to choose from when determining the download permissions.

  1. Disabled - This restricts downloads from ever occurring with the Playlist link for both individual files and the Project Deliverables regardless of the project approval status

  2. After Approval - This enables anyone with the link to download files once the project is approved, and the deposit plus approval invoice are paid if active.

  3. Allowed - This grants any link user the ability to download individual files prior to the project being approved, and then gives access to the Project Deliverables after the project is also approved.

iOS Preview Settings

When sharing the Playlist Link for amongst iOS users, custom previews will appear that can include the Album Art and Album Title.

The Album Art can be set in the Playlist Dialog Menu, and if no custom album art is shown a placeholder will be displayed in its place.

The Album Title can be set in the Project Settings and will display as the text for the link. If there is no Album Title specified than this area will appear blank.

Previews are not available for Android users due to Android not supporting rich message previews.

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