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​​Creating and Editing the Project Settings
​​Creating and Editing the Project Settings

Setting up your project for success

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When creating a new project, there will be a number of options that affect the project. These settings can always be revisited later if you decide you want to change any of them. To do so, select the project you wish to edit and click on the more menu on right side of the highlight which will display a drop down menu. Once this is displaying choose the "Edit Project" option.

Project > More > Edit Project


Workspace owners are the only one who can see and edit the project settings as they are secure and hidden.

Project Name

Here you can decide what displays on the project side bar, and at the start of the breadcrumb. This name is so you will be able to recognize and know each of your projects. This field is required to create a project.


Adding a / to the name will trick the system into thinking there is an invalid folder in the project so we strongly suggest not using this character in project or file names.

Artist name

You can input an individual artists name, a band name, or multiple combinations depending on who’s involved in the project.

Album Title

Input the name of the album, EP, or project that is being worked on here.


Enter your 12 or 13 digit code to identify your project during distribution.

UPCs and EANs are typically only acquired during or after the mastering phase of a project, so many people will leave this blank. This field only appears in the project info in the Gapless Player.

Project Status

You can manually approve the project, or revoke an approved status of a project if necessary. If a project is approved, a green indicator will show next to the project name in your workspace, and will disable the paywall effect.


If you manually approve the project, this may allow clients to download files without paying their Approval balance.

Player Selection

Next, choose the player type you wish to use in the project. You can always change this at a later date, but if you’re not sure if you should choose the Regular Hi-Fidelity Player or the Gapless Player then read this article Regular Player vs Gapless Player

Deposit Invoice

Determine if a downpayment is required when starting the project by toggling this option on or off. If an Approval Payment has been made on a project, this cannot be turned off.

If turned on, you will also be presented the option to require payment upfront, which will restrict Playlist Link users from accessing the player until the Deposit Invoice has been fulfilled.

Approval Invoice

If toggled off, and there is either no Deposit Invoice required, then clients can approve the project without having to make any payments. If an Approval Payment has been made on a project, this cannot be turned off.

Project Checklist

Decide whether to display and have access to the project checklist. The project checklist can be used to track progress, items that need to be taken care of, and your most important tasks that need to be completed.

Email Notifications

You can toggle whether project members will receive email notifications along with Push Notifications for project.


This affects Project Members as well as you, the project owner. If turned off this means nobody will receive email updates from this project, but this does not affect in app push notifications.

Applying Settings

Once you have entered all the information and decided on your project settings, you can create or save your changes with the purple button in the bottom right of the screen labeled "Create" if you are making a new project, or "Save" if you are editing an existing project. To discard your changes simply press "Cancel".

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