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Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Stay up do date on everything happening in your projects

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Staying on top of your deadlines and projects is important so to help you do that you will receive notifications when files are uploaded, comments are made, and projects are finished to keep you moving.

Notifications are triggered when:

  • The Playlist Link is accessed

  • Files are uploaded

  • Comments and replies occur

  • Project is approved

  • Payment is received

  • Project is unarchived

In app notifications appear within seconds of the action taking place and a red icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen by the bell icon.

When you enter the screen you can see your new notifications, along with who is responsible for the notification, and how long ago it happened.

At the top of the screen you have the option to search your notifications using the search bar, sort your notifications from Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest, mark all notifications as read with the checkmark icon in the top left, or delete all notifications via the trash icon in the top left corner.

You can select individual notifications to mark it as read by clicking the red circle to the right of the notification, or mark a notification as unread by clicking the outline of the circle.

In addition, you can delete individual notifications by clicking on the trashcan icon that appears when hovering the notification. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

To open the filter option, select the filter icon (the three lines) to the left of the header that reads "Notifications" This will open a dialog window where you can filter which notifications appear.

You can filter the displayed notification based on whether the notification is marked as read, or unread, as well as only viewing notifications for the current project you are in.

In addition, you can filter each notification type, along with a specific date range to narrow your search. Once you click done, your filter will take place and all notifications matching your criteria will appear in the notification window.

Receiving Email Notifications

Whether email notifications are sent to you or not is dependent upon what options were selected for the project, as you can choose on a project by project basis which emails to receive for both you as the account owner, and Project Members included on the project.

These can be edited at any time in the Project Settings, and will take immediate effect upon saving the project.

Email Notification Scheduling

The frequency of email notifications can be set in your settings as you can choose to batch emails into one daily email, have an hourly email alert, or receive notifications immediately upon the notification being triggered.

Additionally, you can customize the days and hour range for email notifications. If a notification occurs during a time when emails are halted, the notification will be batched and sent once your notification schedule is resumed.

To ensure that any time you outline is accurate, make sure to sync the notifications to your machine timezone. If you travel to a different time zone, your notification schedule will not automatically change unless you come into your settings and manually sync the schedule to the new timezone.


You will not receive notifications for actions you take.

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