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Setting up the deliverable package for a HitSend project

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The Project Deliverable is a group of files to be downloaded once the project is approved. This way there is one place your client can go to get all their final files, and you can curate exactly which files are apart of the package.

You can add any type of file or folders to be included with the deliverables. If a folder is added, everything contained within that folder is included with the Deliverable package.

Add assets via drag and drop

On a desktop device, you can select one or multiple assets you wish to add to the project Deliverables. Once selected, drag those assets to the Deliverable card, and the entire card will turn blue with the sub title of "Add to deliverables". Drop the files onto the card, and if successfully added, a snacker will appear at the top of the page alerting you that the task was successful.

Add via the menu

You can also add an individual asset on desktop or mobile by selecting the asset and then opening the dropdown menu for further action. Select the "Add to Deliverable" option and your selection will be placed in the Deliverable package.


If a file has already been added to the Deliverables package, or if it already included as one of the playlist selection you will be notified via a dialog window telling you there was a problem adding that file to the Deliverables.

Selecting from the playlist options

To streamline your workflow, we've included several options that automatically add add the audio files from the Project Playlist to the Deliverable package. This way you don't have to individually add all the audio files to the playlist and then add them to the deliverables. In addition, these options automatically update if you make any changes to the playlist to keep you from having to do boring redundant file management.

1. None

If the option is set to none, no files from the playlist will automatically be added to the deliverables.

Workflow Tip

This is a useful option if you like to add a limiter to your track to make it louder for the client to hear, as you can add the limited files to the playlist, and then have the tracks with more headroom added to the Deliverable package so clients don't accidentally take the limited files to mastering.

2. Selected

The selected option add whichever version is active from the Project Playlist so that clients only download one version from each track. You can set the selected version in the Playlist dialog, but by default the most recently added version of a track is selected.

3. All

This adds every single version from the playlist to the project deliverables automatically, so you can give your clients every file from the project.

Removing an asset from the Deliverables

If you wish to remove an asset that is currently included with the Deliverable package, click on the Deliverable card in the project screen to open the dialog window. This will display all the files that have been added, and you can choose to remove any particular item by selecting the X icon.


This does not delete the asset from the project, it simply removes it from being included in the download package.

Downloading the Deliverable package

There are multiple ways to download the Deliverable package, as it can be done from the project screen or player screen on any device. For more information on the process of clients downloading the deliverable package, read the article on Approving a Project.

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