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How to approve a project
How to approve a project

How clients can approve a HitSend project

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Knowing when a project is done and the client is ready to wrap things up is paramount for any production, and the built in approval system keeps you up to date and makes it easy for clients to approve any project.

For more on who can approve projects and make payments see our article explaining the Integrated Paywall and Approval system.

Approving a Project from the player screen

To approve a project from the Player screen clients and link users can click on the green button in the upper right corner of the screen on desktop, or on mobile select the green fab in the bottom right.

Approving a Project from the project screen

Project Members with the Client role can also approve the project from the project screen by clicking on the green "Approve project" button in the upper right corner on a desktop device, or by selecting the green circle fab in the bottom right on a mobile device.

Approving a project with a Deposit or Approval Payment due

If a payment is required via the Integrated Paywall, clicking on the Approve Project button will open a dialog window showing the amount due, invoice details and how the client can pay for the project.

There are multiple ways you can setup for a client to pay for a project securely with PayPal or Stripe.

Approving a project without payment

If there is no Deposit or Approval payment required when approving a project a dialog window will appear asking the client to confirm that they wish to approve the project.

To proceed and mark the project as Approved, they just have to click the green button labeled "Yes". If they do not wish to actually approve the project they can click the grey button and the project will remain unapproved.

More on the Approval process

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