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Accepting Payments with PayPal
Accepting Payments with PayPal

Accept client payments with PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Pay later, and guest credit card transactions

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One option to accept payments through the HitSend integrated paywall is by using PayPal. While using PayPal, there are up to 4 different options available based on how your client is viewing and paying for the invoice which are:

  • Using PayPal directly

  • Credit Card

  • Venmo

  • Pay Later

With PayPal enabled, your client will see these options from which they can choose provided the conditions for Venmo have been met.

When using PayPal, standard processing rates apply, as these are not in control of HitSend. Please reference PayPal's conditions and rates if you have any questions regarding these transactions.

Using the PayPal wallet

The first option is for clients to pay using their PayPal account by selecting the first button labeled "PayPal". To complete this transaction they simply have to sign into their PayPal account using their login, and complete the checkout sequence.


Clients must have an active account PayPal account in order to login and pay directly through a PayPal wallet.

Using Debit or Credit Card

Clients can also choose to checkout as a guest with a credit card. To checkout as a guest, first select the top button labeled "PayPal" and then in the dialog window that appears choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

In the window that follows, clients will be able to securely input their Credit Card or Debit information to complete the transaction without having to login or have a PayPal account.


*In order to use Venmo, both parties must be located in the US and the transaction must be using USD.

Using Venmo on Mobile

If clients wish to pay with Venmo from a mobile device, they must use the native browser on their device or else the Venmo button will not appear even with PayPal enabled.

In addition, clients must have the Venmo app downloaded and active on their mobile device to proceed.







With the client using their native browser, they can select the Venmo button on their mobile device and they will be redirected from their web browser into the Venmo app where they will be able to complete the transaction.

Using Venmo on Desktop

If clients are on a desktop, the Venmo button will appear in any major browser regardless of their device type. Upon clicking the Venmo button, a barcode will appear on the screen that clients can scan with their mobile device using the Venmo app, and once again complete the transaction in the Venmo app.

Pay Later

The last payment option is using PayPal Pay Later, which splits the total amount into 4 payments (based on merchant location). Clients must apply and be approved with PayPal in order to use this option.

Q: If clients choose to pay in multiple installments, do I receive funds over time?

A: No, you will still receive all the funds up front upon payment.

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