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Setting up and editing a project checklist

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An option you have available to you on each HitSend Project is a checklist to keep track of tasks you need to accomplish, that can also be used to update clients on the progress being made on the project.

Checklist Privacy Options

Depending on how you wish to use the checklist there are three different privacy options

1. Private

Private is the default option when first setting up the checklist. When set to private, Project Members will not be able to see or click on the checklist card.

2. Viewable

The viewable option allows project members to see the checklist, but they cannot affect the checklist in any way. This is the best option if you wish to use the checklist as a progress meter for clients to follow along with during the project.

3. Open

If set to open the checklist can be managed by Project Members, meaning Clients and Collaborators can add new tasks, change target dates, mark tasks as done, etc.

Adding a task

To add a task click on the button in the bottom left of the dialog labeled "+ Add task". This will bring up several different input fields for you to fill out for adding your task.

Workflow tip

Use Shift + T to add a task when viewing the checklist.

Task name

The one item that is required when adding a task is the task name and should be used to briefly describe the task you need to be completed.

Target date

Assign a date to the task by which you want to complete the task to keep your project timeline on track.

Task color

Organize tasks by selecting from 9 different color options.

Task Description

Add a more detailed task description or use it as a note pad for additional information about the task.

Mark a task as done

To mark a subtask as done, click on the checkmark below the task name. This will turn the box green, and will mark the task as complete.

Rearrange Tasks

If you want to re-order tasks and move completed tasks to the bottom you can do this by grabbing the drag handle on the right of the screen and moving the task up or down the list.


Within each task, you can add subtasks that can be used for finite task detailing.

Add Subtask

To add a subtask, click on the round + button on the task in which you wish to add a subtask. This will present a text input box where you can add the name of your subtask.

Manage Subtasks

Once you have created subtasks, you can rename or remove them, along with re-ordering them by using the drag handles to move them.

To mark a subtask as complete, simply click on the check box to the left of the name.


Even if you mark all the subtasks as complete, this does not mark the parent task as done, and vice versa, if you mark the parent task as complete, this does not mark all the subtasks as done.

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