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Setting up and managing a HitSend Project Playlist

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Every project created in HitSend has its own unique playlist to be used for that project. In the playlist you can set the track order, stack multiple versions of the same song, and decide which version makes the final cut.

Setting up the Playlist

Adding files to the playlist

To add a file to the project playlist on desktop, you can select the audio file or multiple files and drag them to the playlist card. The card will turn green when hovering over the card with files, and you just have to release the mouse button to drop the file(s).

The second way to add a file to the playlist is by selecting the "More" menu on an audio file, and then the "Add to Playlist" option on the dropdown menu.

Creating a Playlist Tracks

Tracks are like folders in the playlist where you can stack multiple audio files as versions as you go through the revision process for your project.

To create a Track, you can select the button in the bottom left of the playlist dialog that says "+ Create Track", or if you added an audio file the button will say "+ Create Track and Add Version". This way you can create a new track when adding an audio file at the same time.

Near the top of the screen you can see which file you are currently adding to the playlist so if you're adding multiple files at once you can see which audio files it is you are currently adding.


You can add a track that does not have an audio file attached to it, however, when you advance to the project player those tracks will not show up as there are no audio files to play.

If you wish to add the audio file to a track that is already created, you can do so by selecting the plus button on the right side of the track name. This will add the audio file to the version list as the newest version.


If an audio file has already been added to the playlist, a dialog box will appear telling you that the audio file is already apart of the playlist and cannot be added again.

Editing the Playlist

Edit a track title

If you wish to edit the title, order, or versions of any track you must first select the "Edit" button the bottom right side of the playlist dialog. This puts you into edit mode where you can make the changes you desire.

To rename a track, click on the pencil icon for the track you wish to rename. This will bring up an input box where you can change the title. Once you have input the correct track title, click on the "Done" button to the right of the text input. Make sure you click the purple "Save" button in the bottom right for your changes to take effect.

Delete a track

To delete a track, you must be in the edit mode where you will see a trash can icon on the right side of the dialog window. Clicking this will remove that track from the playlist.

Deleting a track with remove all the versions associated with that track from the playlist, but it does not delete those files from your project. This means you can re-add those audio files to a different track if necessary.

Reorder the Playlist

If you wish to change the order of the Project Playlist you can do so when you are in the edit mode. Use the drag handle on the far right of the dialog window to select the track you wish to move, and then drag the track up or down to spot you wish to have the track in the playlist. Once you have set all the tracks in the correct order, click the "Save" button in the bottom right for your changes to take effect.

Select the active track version

If there are multiple versions in a track, you can decide which version is active by expanding the track and clicking on the version you want to be selected. The active version will be shows with a purple checkmark to the left of the version name.

On the Regular Hi-Fidelity Playlist, the active version will be the first track that loads in, but you can switch which version you would like to hear directly in the playlist. That doesn't change which version is active, it simply allows for that one person to hear a different version in their current listening session.

For the Gapless player, the active version cannot be changed during a listening session, as only one version per track is loaded.

The active version is also the version that will be included in the Project Deliverables if the "Selected" option is chosen for the playlist.

Album Art

To add album art, navigate into the Playlist Dialog and then click on the album art placeholder in the top left of the window, and then selecting the file you wish to be used for album art.

You can also drag the file from your files window onto the placeholder to be used as album art.

To remove album art, simply click on the custom image on the top left, or by dragging a new file onto the album art.

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