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Uploading Files and Folders
Uploading Files and Folders

Ways to upload files and folders to your HitSend projects

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There are multiple ways to get files into your HitSend project with the first being selecting media from your computer.

Select Files from the Finder Window

To do this click on the purple "NEW +" button in the upper left of your screen and then select the “File upload” or “Folder Upload” depending on which you would like to upload.


You cannot upload files and folders at the same time, and you can only choose items at the same file level with this method.

Drag and Drop

If you would like to upload files and folders at the same time, choose the items you wish to upload from your finder window and then drag them over files you have uploaded in your desired destination. Any files uploaded to HitSend will automatically keep your file hierarchy and structure.

Import files from Dropbox or Google Drive

To import files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account, select the "NEW +" button, and then select which option you would like to use. If you have not connected your account, you will have to do that first. Once your account is connected, you will be able to select which files and folders you wish to import.


  • There is no restriction on the type of file that can be uploaded to HitSend, or the size of individual files.

  • Currently, there is no way to unzip files once uploaded to the platform, but you can upload and download zip files from the HitSend platform.

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