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Deleting Files, Folders and Projects
Deleting Files, Folders and Projects

How to trash or permanently delete files, folders and projects

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If you decide you no longer need an item or perhaps you uploaded the incorrect version, you can delete a file or folder from any of your projects.

To delete a file or folder, click on the Quick File Menu icon that is the three vertical dots on the far right of the screen. This will give you several options, one of which is delete.

Once you have selected to delete a file, a second window will appear asking you to confirm that you do indeed want to delete the file or folder. If you do wish to continue, select the “Delete” button and the file or folder will be moved from the project into your trash.

If you delete a folder, any sub directories and files within the folder are also moved to the trash, but you can remove files you wish to keep prior to deleting a folder.


Collaborators can trash files from projects, but cannot permanently delete files from projects they don’t own.

When an asset is trashed, you have 30 days to recover the asset from your trash before it is permanently deleted from your workspace.

Deleting Projects

There are two ways to initiate the deletion of your project. The first is by hovering over the project name on the left side bar and selecting the Quick Project Menu.

The second way to initiate deleting a project is to go into the project you wish to delete and click the Project Icon in the upper right of the screen.

Once either of these menus are open select the “Delete Project” option.

A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm deleting the project because unlike files deleting a project is permanent and cannot be reversed. This means not only is the project deleted, but all the assets contained within that project is also deleted.

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