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Recover Trashed Assets
Recover Trashed Assets

Return trashed assets to their original place in your HitSend project

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If you’ve accidentally the wrong asset or decide you actually do need that file, you can go to your trash and recover an asset if it has been less than 30 days since originally deleting the asset.

Recovering An Asset

To recover an asset go to your trash and locate the file or folder you wish to return to your project. Once you have found the asset, select the restore icon which is located just to the left of the trash can ​​icon.

If you wish to restore multiple items at once, select all the items you wish to restore by holding the Shift key, or using Command on Mac or Alt on Window for individual control. Once all the items are selected you can click the restore button.

This will bring up a dialog window asking you to confirm you wish to restore the selected asset(s). If you click "Restore" then all the items will be returned to their original projects.


If you delete an entire project all assets are permanently removed from your account and cannot be recovered.

Additionally, if you are restoring a folder, it will bring back any sub directories and files within the folder. If you wish to restore a file that is hosted within a folder, you do have to bring back the entire folder.

Files in your trash DO count against your storage limit, so if you wish to remove trashed files from your account in bulk you can choose to purge all the files from your trash at once.

If you restored a deleted file to a project that is archived, the restored file will be included with the archived project and you will have to restore the project if you wish to download the file.

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