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I Trashed File But I'm Still At My Storage Limit
I Trashed File But I'm Still At My Storage Limit

Why am I still at my storage limit even after trashing files?

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You were at your storage limit so you decided to delete old files you don’t need anymore so you can upload files for your new project. Except, it still says you’re at your storage limit?

The problem is you probably didn’t permanently delete the files, but instead only moved them to the trash, as files in your trash still count against your storage capacity.


It may take up to several hours to show your newly updated storage balance in your account settings.

To check your storage limit, click on your workspace name in the upper right of the screen to view a dropdown, or by visiting the Plan tab in your settings page.

Permanently Delete Files

To clear files from your storage capacity, you must go into your trash and choose to permanently remove files from your trash by selecting the "Empty Trash" button on desktop in the upper right of the screen, or on mobile selecting the trash can button on the bottom right, then confirm that you wish to clear your trash by selecting "Delete everything".


If you delete an entire project, it along with any assets within the project will be permanently deleted and will not go to your trash.

If you wish to skip moving a file to trash, and permanently delete the asset, you can check the “Permanently Delete” check box in the bottom left of the dialog window causing the asset to be removed from your account and cannot be recovered.

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