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Billing and Plan Information
Billing and Plan Information

Updating your billing information and understanding your invoice

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To stay on top of your HitSend plan you can change how you are being billed, update information included with your invoice, and view previous invoices.

To manage your billing and plan information, go to your settings and select the Billing tab.

Settings > Billing

In your billing tab you can see and manage your billing information.

Payment methods

If your previous card has expired or you wish to be billed with a different card, you can add another option by selecting "Update payment method " and then select the "Add Credit Card".

Billing > Update payment information > Add Credit Card

This will open a window where you can securely enter your information for another billing option.

Once a secondary card has been entered, you can select it as your primary payment option simply by clicking on your preferred card.

Updating billing information

To change your company name or billing email address, select the button under the Billing Information header labeled "Update Billing Info". This will open a dialog window where you can add or edit the information for your invoice.

Viewing your HitSend Invoice

Once at least one billing period has passed, you will be able to view your invoices by selecting the text "View Invoice" under the the Billing History header. This will open a separate window to a Stripe page where you can see the amount that was billed, download the invoice or paid receipt, and see a detailed break down of what charges were included in your invoice.

If you have further questions about your HitSend billing you can contact HitSend support at

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