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Managing Project Seats
Managing Project Seats

How to add or remove additional seats to your account

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What is a project seat?

Project seats give you the ability to add Project Members with Client and Collaborator roles to projects in your workspace and gives these individuals advanced access to files, upload capabilities, increased security, push notifications, General Invoices, and more.


Once someone is added to the workspace, you can add them to as many projects as you'd like and it will only count as 1 seat used provided they use the same HitSend sign in for all the projects.

Pro Plans receive 4 project seats to begin with, and if users would like to increase the number of project seats you must have an active Pro plan with current billing information. To increase your allotted number of seats go to your settings page, and then select the plan tab.

Settings > Plan > Project Member Seats

In the plan tab, you will be able to see your current plan, and can add more project seats (for a current rate of 5 USD per seat) by clicking on the green plus button, or if you have already added additional seats, you can remove them by clicking the minus button, but know you cannot go below the original number of seats included with your Pro plan.

Once you have the correct number of seats you wish to add, click the "Confirm" button to officially add them to your account. You will be charged a pro rated amount for your additional seats. If you removed seats you will still have access to them through the end of your current billing period.

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