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Managing Additional Storage
Managing Additional Storage

Adding or removing additional active and archival storage amounts

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Pro plans can have their storage limit expanded with additional Archival and Active storage in set increments, but have no cap on how high this can go to meet your specific needs. To add more storage, go to your subscription option in your general settings

Settings > Plan

Once there you will see measurements of how much storage you are currently using for both archival and active. To add more storage, click on the button labeled “Manage Storage” on the right side of the active or archival meters. This will open a menu allowing you to add more storage on top of your plan, or take away storage you had previously added.

You can add Active storage in increments of 250 GB, and for archival the increments are 1000 GB. Once you have your desired amount of storage, click on the "Confirm" button. You will be charged at a pro rated rate for your current billing period, and then the add on will continue when your subscription renews for the next billing cycle.

If you are currently at your storage cap, you can also delete files in order to clear space and allow for new file uploads.

If you require excessive amounts of space for a team, please contact to setup an Enterprise plan to fit your large scale team.

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