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Backup your projects incase you ever need to go back to them

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After you’ve finished your latest hit, you can archive your project to make sure you have backups just in case you ever need to access the project. Once a project is archived, the Playlist Link will no longer be active, and it won’t count against your active storage limit.


The change in calculating active and archival storage may take up to 24 hours to update.

How to Archive a Project

To archive a project, you can click on the project options by cursing over a project in the project bar on the left of your screen. Click on the quick project menu and then select archive project. Next, click confirm on the pop up menu.

Another option is to drag and drop the project from your active storage selection into the archival area which will also begin the archiving process.

Managing Archived Projects

When a project is archived you cannot change any project settings, access the player screen, download files, or add project members.

You can delete a project directly from the archives.

Activating Projects

Restoring project can be done via dragging the Project from your archives into the active project area, or through the quick project menu selecting "Unarchive".

It will take 3-6 hours for a project to become active on average, but could be as much as 24 hours. If a project is currently being unarchived, it will appear in your Active Project List, but will have an orange indicator to the left.


You cannot activate individual files by themselves.

Keep On Top of Your Projects

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