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Renaming Files and Folders
Renaming Files and Folders

How to rename files and folders in your HitSend project

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To rename a file or folder click on the Quick File Menu, which is the three vertical dots on the far right.

This will open a file menu with the first option being “Rename”.

This will open a separate dialogue box to rename the file or folder you wish to edit.

Once you are finished, make sure you select “Done” to save your changes or the new name will not take effect.

If you do not wish to save your changes click “Cancel” or the X button on the top left of the window to back out.


The file extension is locked so you cannot change it from one format to another such as changing a WAV. file to a JPEG.

Imported Files

If you have imported a file or folder from Dropbox or Google Drive, renaming the asset in HitSend does not affect the original copy.

Editing Permission

The project owner can always edit file names, along with Project Members.


Adding a / to the name will trick the system into thinking there is an invalid folder in the project so we strongly suggest not using this character in project or file names.

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