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Moving Files and Folders
Moving Files and Folders

Organizing and managing files and folders in your HitSend projects

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Within HitSend projects you can create your own folder structure, as you can have as many sub folders as you wish to stay organize. When navigating sub folders, the different folder levels will be displayed via the breadcrumb at the top of the page.

The first level of the breadcrumb on the left is the project name, followed by folder names progressing to the right, ending with the current folder you are in.

You can navigate back up as many levels as you want by clicking on the desired level, or go all the way back to the project level.

Move Asset Into Folder

If you wish to add a file or folder into another folder, simply select the asset and then drag it onto the folder. You can also move multiple items at a time by using the multi-select option and then dragging all the selected items into your desired sub folder.

Change Asset Level

In addition to you being able to move through the project levels, you can also move files and folders to different levels by dragging the item(s) you wish to move to the desired level on the breadcrumb.


At this time you cannot move files and folders to different projects.

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