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Downloading Files, Folders and Projects
Downloading Files, Folders and Projects

Bring down files, folders and projects to your local device for offline access

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You must have permission in order to download files from a HitSend project. Project owners always have permission, but this may be restricted for Clients and Collaborators added to the project. If you're a Project Member and not sure about your download permission contact the project owner.

Downloading an Individual File or Folder

To download a file or folder click on the three horizontal dots on the right side of the row you wish to download. When the menu appears select “Download”.

Downloading Multiple Files and/or Folders

*Currently this option is only available on desktop

To download multiple files, start by selecting the files and/or folders you wish to download. To select multiple files at once, select an asset and hold Shift and click on another asset, which will select all the assets between your two selections.

To select multiple assets individually, hold the Command ⌘ key on Mac or the Alt key on windows and click on each asset you wish to select.

Once you have made your selection, click on the "Download" button on the right side of the screen.

Downloading a Project

Downloading a project brings down all the files and folders contained within that project as a zip file and will maintain your folder structure.

To initiate a project download, select the project you wish to download, and then choose the more menu. When the menu appears, select “Download Project”.

Once downloaded and unzipped you will have access to all of the original files and the folder structure will also be preserved from the project.

Download the Project Deliverables

If you wish to download the Deliverable package, you can select the Download button on the Deliverables card.

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