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Timecoded Comments

How to gather feedback and how timestamped comments work

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Getting feedback from your clients is critical to your project and keeping clients happy. With HitSend you can avoid the long email chains by utilizing timestamped comments so you know exactly what your clients are referring to.

Leaving a Comment

To make a comment, click the text box on the bottom right of the player screen on desktop and type your comment. On mobile a comment can be made by tapping on the comment icon located on the floating playback bar directly to the left of the play/pause button. Once you have typed out your message make sure to select the “Post” button.


The timecode for your comment will be where the playhead is located with you make a comment.

Timecode Range

The timecode determines where the marker for your comment will be placed. For this example, a timecode of 0:00 means the comment will be at the start of the track. The timecode automatically updates as you listen to the track.

To indicate a range for your comment simply click and drag your cursor on the timeline on desktop, or on mobile swipe over the range you wish to select. The range can be adjusted with the orange handles to the precise time you wish to select.


Replies don’t have a time code as they’re already referencing a comment with it’s own timecode.

A reply can be made on any original comment, and will chain together similar to commenting on a post in social media apps.

Comment Timeline Icons

When a comment is made, the commenters icon will appear below the waveform correlating the timecode with the track as shown below.

If a purple line is extending from the icon this signals the timecode is for a range of time and not only one spot in the track.

Sorting Comments

Comments can be ordered by their timecode in reference to the track by selecting to the Time Code option in the toggle switch.

Comments can also be ordered from newest to oldest and uses the date the comment was made to easily read any new comment.


When sorting comments by newest to oldest, replies are not taken into account when sorting, and it is based only on the original comment.

Exporting Comments

Comments can be downloaded and imported in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, or Reaper as markers, or you can choose to download a text version of all comments and replies for offline work.

To download comments, click on the icon to the right of the sorting toggle button to open a dropdown menu. Select the format you want and enter the BPM of the track before clicking download.

Downloaded Text Comments

When opening your text comment you will be given the following information:

  • Timecode

  • Date

  • Commenters name

  • Comment

  • Replies

You can use any text program such as Word, Pages, Google Docs to view the comments.

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