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Import comments into Studio One
Import comments into Studio One

Export time stamped comment from HitSend and import them as markers in Studio One

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To begin the process of transferring comments from HitSend to Studio One, start by selecting the track you wish to download comments in the player screen. On the right side in your comments tool bar, select the download icon which will present you with several options.

Start by inputting the BPM of the track as this will make sure the timecode lines up in Studio One. Select the Studio One option and then click download.

Import the MIDI file in your downloads by selecting “Files” on the right hand side of Studio One, and locating the MIDI file you just downloaded.

Another option (shown below) is to drag and drop the file into the session from your finder window.

When the MIDI file is imported a window will appear asking you if you would like to load general MIDI sounds for this file.

Select “NO”

Make sure you also have also turned on the “Open Marker Track” to ensure you can view the markers on the timeline.

Once your markers have been imported and the Marker Track is open, you will be able to see your comments on the timeline as you work through revisions.

If you’re having trouble importing comments into Studio One, you may have to close the session and re-open it as sometimes Studio One only properly imports the MIDI markers directly after opening a session.


Importing comments will remove previous markers you’ve placed in the session.

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