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Recommended Browser to use with HitSend
Recommended Browser to use with HitSend

What's the best browser to use for HitSend, and which ones are supported by HitSend?

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The best browser to use HitSend with is Google Chrome on all devices. Safari and Firefox are also supported by HitSend, but each browser displays colors, icons and page layouts slightly different which is out of HitSend’s control.


Microsoft Internet Explorer is not fully supported by HitSend

Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble accessing HitSend through your current browser, make sure your browser is updated and running the latest version. HitSend only supports the latest browser versions.

If you encounter trouble using HitSend in your web browser, and you are using one of the recommended browsers ensure that you are using the latest update, as HitSend is only supported on supported on the newest version of each browser.

If you are still having troubles loading HitSend in the most current browser check your local internet connection to ensure you have a viable connection.

If the trouble still persists, log out of your HitSend account or close the browser, clear your browser cache, and then log back in.

Load Times

Full wav. files are much larger than what streaming services use, which means there will be some buffering time, especially in the Gapless Player as it has to connect and buffer multiple WAV. files.

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