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Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
Setting Up Two Factor Authentication

How to setup Google Authenticator with your HitSend account

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Security in todays technology driven world is becoming more important than ever, and one of the best ways possible to secure your account is by setting up two factor authentication to provide additional levels of protection from brute force attacks.

To setup two factor authentication for your HitSend account, you will have to have the Google Authenticator app downloaded on your phone. If you have not yet done that you can find it on every major app store.

Once you have the app on your phone and setup, go to your HitSend Settings and navigate to the Security Tab where you can find the Two Factor section.

Settings > Security > Two Factor Authentication

Enabling Two Factor Authentication

To start, click on the button that says "Enable" on the bottom right of your screen. This will bring up a dialog window with a secret key and a QR code.

There are 2 different ways in which you can initiate your Two Factor Authentication. When you select the plus button on the bottom right of your mobile device in the Google Authenticator app, you can choose to scan the QR code with your device's camera, or by entering the Secret key.


You only need to choose 1 option to successfully link your HitSend account.

Once you have either scanned your barcode, or entered the secret key you must enter the code shown on your mobile device into the text box below your secret key in your HitSend settings.


Do not close out of the dialog window in your HitSend settings. If you close out of that window, it resets your secret key/barcode meaning you will have to repeat the previous steps in order to successfully setup Two Factor Authentication.

Once you have entered the code from your mobile device, click the button that says "Confirm authorization" and if successful, the dialog window will close and you will see a snack bar at the top of the screen confirming that you have successfully set up Two Factor Authentication.

This means every time you log into HitSend you will be taken to a screen after submitting your email and password where you will be required to input a code from the Google Authenticator app to successfully log into your HitSend account.

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