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Cancel My Subscription
Cancel My Subscription

How to cancel a HitSend subscription plan

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We’re sad to see you go and hope that you will comeback to HitSend when you’re ready to send your next hit.

Settings > Subscription > Downgrade

If you still want to cancel your subscription this can be done in billing tab. Select the red “Cancel Subscription” button in the bottom right to deactivate your subscription. You will not be billed following your subscription cancellation, and there are no cancellation fees. Your account will remain viable through the period for which you’ve paid.

If you cancel your subscription, your projects and files will still be available to you, however, you will not be allowed to create new projects or upload new files in the future after your subscription has been cancelled. If after downgrading you wish to have your account permanently deleted please contact HitSend Support for assistance.


Any subscription you have signed up for will be automatically extended for the same duration as the original term chosen unless you have opted out of the renewal.


If you do not have an active subscription you will not have the cancel button available.

Manage your billing

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