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Internal vs External Invoices
Internal vs External Invoices

What is the difference between an internal and external invoices?

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You have the ability to create Deposit, Approval and General invoices as part of the approval process and cycle of a project. But what does Internal vs External invoicing mean and how is it useful to me?


Internal invoices are generated by the HitSend platform, and allow for the use of any payment providers supported in HitSend. These invoices are also used for the approval process and as receipts for payments made through HitSend and currently use PayPal and Stripe as payment processors.


External invoices are currently in development, but once complete they will allow HitSend users to link invoices created in 3rd party services (PayPal, Quickbooks, etc) to link an invoice created outside of the HitSend platform, but still they can be used as part of the integrated Paywall, and will be linked to HitSend projects.

We'll keep you updated and let you know when External invoices are ready to go.

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