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Brand your HitSend Workspace
Brand your HitSend Workspace

Customize your workspace logo and color scheme

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Brand your custom workspace to stay top of mind with clients by adding your own custom logo, color scheme and studio name to invoices, emails and a custom splash page.

Studio name

Setup your studio or brand name to be displayed on your custom splash page, invoices, and email invites. This can be your own name, or can be a studio or brand name based on how you prefer to brand your business.

Custom Logo

Add your own logo to the workspace from your files by dragging a file onto the button, or by selecting the "Choose image" button and selecting a file from your device.

For the best display, upload an image with a 1x1 aspect ratio thats under 4000px for load times.

Color Scheme

Match your logo by changing the color of action buttons on the splash page and email invites.

Select the hex code to type in a specific color value (example #726CEC), or click on the color chip to open a color picker where you can use the color palette to select the color you wish to use for your workspace.

Splash Page

The splash page is the landing page for anyone using a Playlist Link and is a great opportunity to show your brand name, logo, color scheme and a custom background image.


The custom splash page allows you to choose from a solid color background, or by uploading an image to be displayed. You can use the radio buttons to toggle between the options provided you've uploaded an image.

To upload a splash image, click on the "Choose image" button on the right side of the page, or drag and drop your image onto the page. You will be able to preview how your image will be displayed below with the splash preview.


In addition to choosing your custom background, you can select whether the main dialog (where users enter their name and the link password) is a light or dark theme depending on what best matches your branding. The light theme uses a color code of #EDEEEE for the background, while the dark theme uses #121212 for the background.

Email branding

Customize your Project Member invites to show your brand when inviting people to join your projects and workspace.


You can choose a custom background color for your emails to compliment your brand by selecting the color picker on the right side, or inputing a hex code. The


As with the splash page you can choose the theme of your emails which will change the text background and text color itself of the message area. You can toggle between light and dark depending on your preference.


Some mobile email applications will invert the color scheme of emails if the mobile user has a dark theme enabled on their mobile device. This is completely out of the control of HitSend.

Invoice Preview

Preview your brand logo and name for custom generated invoices.

Make sure after any changes, you select the purple "Save" button at the bottom of the screen to keep any changes you've made to your settings.

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