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Zapier Integration: Payment Received
Zapier Integration: Payment Received

Fire a zap when you get paid for a project

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Everyone loves getting paid, but not everyone enjoys creating invoices and documentation once you’ve received your money. If that’s you, the good news is chances are you can automate your invoicing and receipt process through the HitSend Integrated Paywall plus Zapier.

Integrated Paywall

To take advantage of HitSend’s integration with Zapier for automation, you will first need to leverage the integrated paywall by setting up a Downpayment, Approval payment, or general invoice so that clients can pay natively in the HitSend application. When this occurs the payment will trigger the Payment Received Zap.

Once an invoice is created for the project you also need to make sure you’ve turned on the Payment Received integration in your user settings or else the zap won’t fire.

When a zap get’s triggered, you’ll be able to know who made the payment, how much, for which project and what type of payment was received.

  • First Name of Payer

  • Last Name of Payer

  • Project Name

  • Payment Type

  • Payment Amount

  • Time of Payment


If you have both the Receive Payment and Project Approval Zap setup, they will both fire if a client makes a final payment that approves the project.

With this information you’re armed to record and process payments, record the amounts for your own personal use, and create receipts for your clients. Here are some of our favorite ways you can use this Zap.

  • Create a fulfilled invoice in Wave

  • Record income in your Quickbooks account for your tax records

  • Update and record the payment for a client’s record in Pipedrive

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