With multiple tracks being worked on in each project, it can be difficult to remember the progress of each one. That’s where the File Status can help you keep track of the state of individual files, and can allow for your Project Members to update projects as you go.

You can use changes in file status to trigger events and automatically update your to-do list without having to manually edit or change your Asana or Trello Board.


In order to ensure the automation works make sure you have the “File Status Changed” integration turned on in your HitSend project settings. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can learn here.

Once your trigger is set up HitSend will send a zap and different information about who changed the status, what the new status is, the previous status, and when it occurred to augment your automation.

  • Project Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Old Status

  • New Status

  • When it occured

Changing a File Status

To trigger a status being changed, you or any Project Member can select the status to bring up a dropdown menu, and then choose between the options:

  • None

  • Needs Work

  • Coming Along

  • Done

The zap will trigger as soon as a new status is selected, and will trigger every time a new status is selected, even if you change the same File Status multiple times.

If you’re not sure what some good integrations would be for when a File Status is updated here are a few suggestions the HitSend team has used before:

  • Move a Trello or Asana card when a files status is updated

  • Update or delete a row in Google Sheets

  • Receive a Slack notification to update your team

Additional Zapier Integrations

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