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Unlock Advanced Features
Unlock Advanced Features

How to gain access to advanced features, storage, seats, and more

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If you would like to have access to advanced features within HitSend to save you time, and look more professional you can upgrade your plan in the Subscription tab in your settings page. To get there click on your profile icon in the top right, select the first option on the dropdown menu labeled general settings, and then click on the Subscription tab once you’re in the settings page.

Settings > Plan

Here you will see your upgrade options, and can select what plan you would like to subscribe and unlock all the benefits that are waiting for you. The upgrade will take effect immediately, and you will be charged on a pro rated base for the current billing period.


The Pro plan unlocks your own personal workspace with unlimited project to work with clients, accept payments, gain approval and more. This plan is best for professional producers, mixing and mastering engineers.

Once you have an active Pro plan, you can upgrade your storage capacity and number of Project Seats as needed to expand your capabilities.


The HitSend Enterprise plan is a custom built solution for large teams and productions by providing advances support, tailored storage and workspace capacities to support you team at scale.

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