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HitSend Updates and Changes
HitSend Updates and Changes

See what's new for HitSend and what changes are coming

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Aug 2022 - V1.03

*Notice - if you're experiencing difficulty logging in, clear your browser cache as some of the updates may conflict with V1.02

Project Groups and Customers

Organize your projects into sub categorize

Share Folders

Send and receive assets within a folder to expand your sharing capabilities.

Playlist Link Metadata and Album Art

Have a custom preview of the project name and album art for links sent in iOS messaging

Share the Playlist Link via Email

Send the Playlist Link directly to your clients via your custom branded emails.

Restrict Links to Added Email Addresses

Take your security to the next level by requiring a verified email address before link users can access the Playlist Link or Share Links

Expanded Key Commands

Expedite your workflow with 24 new key commands

Notifications Schedules

Schedule when email notifications are sent to you to meet your work life balance

Notification Control

Select which specific notifications you want to receive on a project by project basis

Milestone Badges

Track your monthly, yearly, and all time stats while using HitSend

Asset audio player

Double click on audio files in the project view to listen. This also works for share links

General Improvements

  • Improved drag and drop

  • Improved mobile scrolling

  • Additional audio stats in the details sidebar

  • Added workspace name and logo to dropdown

  • Improved autocomplete for email addresses

  • Remember me sign in option

  • Expand album art in the player

Bug fixes

  • Sidebar now properly clears when leaving down a file tree

  • Fixed notification icons all being the same color

  • Notification icon now properly displays number of unread notifications

  • Email button text adjusts based on contrast to avoid poor visibility

  • Corrected missing background for dialog windows for link users

May 2022 - V1.02

Referral program

Active Pro Members can share their referral code with new users for $20 towards their account.

Playlist Downloads

Allow users to download tracks before the project is approved directly from the player screen.

Support for Reaper

Official support for exporting timecoded comments collected in the player screen to Reaper.

Additional Branding Options

Workspace branding now has light or dark themes for the branded splash page along with being able to set the background color for project member invites.

Projects ID

Choose to view projects by their project name, the artist name, or the album title to identify different projects.

In app help center

Conduct realtime chat with customer service from within the application for logged in users.

April 2022 - V1.01

Upfront Deposit Invoices

Toggle option to require link users for a Deposit Payment before they can access the playlist link.

Notification Filtering and Search

Advanced filter and search options for push notifications.

Native Sharing

Share Project Links directly using native text messaging, email, and more

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